A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes

Together lets celebrate special moments, answer questions and love who each of us becomes as we travel down this crazy road called life.

What I Do

I transform a dna inclusion into a tangible memory. My pieces bring peace and solidity to personal bonds, experiences and feelings.

Creating breastmilk and life element jewelry is a passion of mine and I am so excited to share it with you! What I do is create a lasting tangible memory of this unique journey.

I use only high quality jewelers resin in the creation of your keepsakes and all jewelery pieces are crafted out of sterling silver unless otherwise requested.

A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes specializes in making

memory jewellery. Using Breastmilk, First hair curl,

Cremation ash and more. Your Memories are

Captured in a beautiful way

Why You Can Trust Me

I spent years experimenting and figuring out how to create the breastmilk keepsakes. I wanted to ensure that my method would not deteriorate or discolour with time. With my own preservation method for breast milk I create one of a kind, custom, odourless breastmilk stones.


“Excellent Service”

She spent a great deal of time with me helping to make sure they would turn out the best they could for what I wanted. Such a joy to work with someone who helps to bring your vision to life 



“Love the flexibility”

Went out of her way to help me get something special for my husband to remember his father by and even a surprise gift for my sister-in-law.

Beautiful work



“Fantastic quality”

Amazing work! I ordered a custom made locket featuring 2 breast milk charms and the birthstones of my two daughters. The craftsmanship of the piece exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend her for all of your DNA inclusion jewelry needs. Hoping to find a reason to buy more 🙂 Thanks again! 


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