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Happy Birthday Madison

Originally posted January 20, 2020

I am not sure if you remeber last year I crafted this cremation keepsake ring. It was made to celebrate the much to short life of Madison. Madison’s grandma asked me create this as a gift for her daugter who was grieving and struggling after the tragic loss of her beautiful daughter. Here is the story in their words…..

The due date was January 25th, 2019. Mom and dad were beyond elated to not only be having a daughter but to be giving their son a sibling. Just like every expecting couple the minute we found out our hopes, dreams and aspirations ran wild. A beautiful baby girl with flowing locks and sparkling eyes that could outshine the brightest star in the galaxy. What would she be? A doctor? A lawyer? An activist? Would she become president or maybe even cure cancer. It’s the many things a parent thinks of the moment the find out they’re expecting that make the journey of pregnancy so exciting.

For 39 weeks we went through doctors appointments and setting up a nursery and planning our futures. One day at a time we not so patiently waited for the moment we could meet our baby girl and love her, show her a world beyond her wildest imagination. On January 17th at 2:36 pm that moment arrived. A stunning brown haired little girl with the eyes of a princess and the touch that could break the toughest of people arrived. We could not wait to bring her home and begin our lives as a family of four. That day finally came on January 19th and it was magical. Seeing Madison and her big brother Mason meet and enjoy having each other, knowing it’s a bond that could never ever be broken was a joy beyond words. We set up our first pediatrician appointment for that Friday and we’re patiently waiting.

On the morning of Friday January 25th 2019.. her original due date, our hearts and lives were changed forever. Our little angel was found unresponsive in her pack and play and rushed to the nearest hospital. Although many people prayed and the medical staff did everything they could they were unable to bring our little girl home to us. God called our angel home at 5:45am that morning. We were given less then 20 minutes to spend with her before that precious daughter we waited so long for had to be wheeled to the morgue.

Madison passed away only 8 days after her birth. Her family did not even know she was sick. Thet had called the Dr on Wendnesday the 23rd to advise she was sounding a little congested. The Dr was not concerned advising she could have some amniotic fluid on her lungs as she was only a few days old and that he would see them on Friday at the booked appointment time. Sadly little Madison never made it to her appointment.

It is still unknown where she came in contact with and caught the upper respiratory infection but it is known that the sepsis it created caused Madisons little heart to give out.

I want to thank Jennifer, Madisons grandma, for allowing me to be part of their healing journey,

Rest In Peace Baby Madison.

Published by amothersblessedkeepsakes

I love that I can transform a dna inclusion into a tangible memory. My pieces bring peace and solidity to personal bonds, experiences and feelings.

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