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Otichi Village, How Can You Help

Originally posted January 24, 2020

Unquenchable Ministries was established in 2007 and since this time our mandate has been to provide support and empower communities living in poverty around the world.
We have done a number of different projects in Uganda such as build two playgrounds. This was to provide a safe and free place for families to gather together and create memories together. We discovered that there were very few safe places for children

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to Play and families together.
We also have provided wells and clean drinking water in remote villages who had no access to clean water. Many children were becoming sick and even dying from water born illnesses.
Right now we are currently partnering with Otichi Village which is located in the northern Part of Uganda in the rural part of Gulu. We have built a school and a clinic in this village. Our goal is to help them become self sustainable. We currently are educating 127 students free of charge!

Our latest project and my new passion projects is making washable and reusable menstrual pads. We discovered their was a huge lack of feminine hygiene products available in these communities. We found girls using items such as moss, grass, leaves, corn husks, bunched up rags and paper. For many girls their monthly cycle created embracing moments, social isolation, dropping out of school or having to put them selves in compromising situations to get money to buy pads. We handed out 250 pads last May but realized we are just scratching the surface with this need. Our goal is to bring over 1000 pads with us to Uganda in March. We want this to be a on going project and will continue to make them and give them away to any village in need!

Working as a team to make as many as possible!

Kira is accepting donations of fabric and thread. Also cash donaations to buy the needed materials. They are now over 300 pads made for this upcoming trip.

I would love to answer any questions you may have regarding this project or any of the projects we do. Together we can truly make a difference and an impact in the lives of these young girls!

In Gods Service

Kira Mulindwa
Unquenchable Ministries

contact Kira  at

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