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But at least they brought me coffee ☕️!

I’ve known for a while I’d been sick and not feeling well. But I had a family to take care of too, and how often do moms get “time off”…. UMM NEVER OR RARELY.

Piedmont Newnan Hosptal

I decided to share my story and journey through all this once it began because I felt it was important for others to know that the #covi̇d19 virus is no laughing matter.

While I’m here in the hospital recovering (which I’m glad about) my families home without me. They’ve been exposed, they’re cleaning the house down even more so than it was already sanitized. They are worried about me and vice versa.

One never thinks, it could happen to them, WRONG! Anything can happen, so never think you’re invincible because no one is.

I did my best to be super mom, to act as life as usual and just rest when I felt I needed to. I didn’t want to worry my family.

Gastroparesis flaring up

I’ve been blessed to have such an amazing group of Drs and nurses taking care of me. They really are amazing! They bring me coffee every time they come in to check on me (yes!!) and they also make sure I’m comfortable and we even chat some and as always, I let them know my gratitude for what it is they do for us with covid. I want them to know what they do means so much to me and my family.

This is why I want to share my story, this journey. Everyone’s experience with this virus has been different, but also similar. These are very uncertain times right now. But we will endure.

An amazing nurse makes all the difference in the care one feels!! Jaleesa has been such a fantastic nurse, and while it was only for a short time, she has left such a beautiful impression on me.
In the middle of the night I was suddenly moved from the room I had been in to a different room. My second covid test came back negative so they moved me from the covid positive part of the hospital to the covid negative.
There are many reasons for why they could’ve done this, but I won’t have all the answers until after left sometime. So I will be sure to keep you all updated! I’m actually sitting here dowsing off as I write this so I’m going to keep this short.
Okay so my biggest point with this post, just like most of mine, is all about the nurses and doctor’s! I’ve been truly blessed to have some of the most fabulous nurses, techs and even doctors. I’ve enjoyed being able to bless them all each with a piece of art work as my way of saying thank you for their service and their phenomenal care! It’s means so so much!
Truly, I feel so blessed.

Repost with permission from @Kentfamilytimes

Published by amothersblessedkeepsakes

I love that I can transform a dna inclusion into a tangible memory. My pieces bring peace and solidity to personal bonds, experiences and feelings.

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