What Is That White Pumpkin For?

The White Pumpkin This is the storyOf a pumpkin of whiteWhat is its place on this autumn night?Amidst all the orange and colors of fallIt seems out of place; not belonging at allBut oh what a place, and oh what a storyYou see, in its face lies the image of glory Of babies so small,Continue reading “What Is That White Pumpkin For?”

But at least they brought me coffee ☕️!

I’ve known for a while I’d been sick and not feeling well. But I had a family to take care of too, and how often do moms get “time off”…. UMM NEVER OR RARELY. I decided to share my story and journey through all this once it began because I felt it was important forContinue reading “But at least they brought me coffee ☕️!”

Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side: Final Chapter

Once she left things quickly started getting hairy again. It was little things. He went back to playing video games all – the – damn – time. Working stupid long hours, and he started going to the gym too. Or at least, he got a membership… but the “gym” ultimately ends up being someone else’sContinue reading “Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side: Final Chapter”

Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 3..

Hey all. It’s me again with more of my story,  So, things were rocky, and he wouldn’t let me leave. He had told me that there was no way I would keep my babies if I left him. That he would never let that happen. Now through all of this, I had always been insistent,Continue reading “Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 3..”

I Am A Mother, A Bereaved Mother.

These are not my words. I came across them on a facebook group for loss moms. It says so much and I felt it impotent to share. “I am a mother. I am a bereaved mother. My child died, and this is my reluctant path. It is not a path of my choice, but itContinue reading “I Am A Mother, A Bereaved Mother.”

Through Domestics Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 2

Hey all, it’s me again, to continue the telling of my story;  Through domestics abuse and out the other side.Part 2 Hey all, it’s me again, to continue the telling of my story;  To pick up where we left off: I have taken you through my traumatic birth story as my oldest daughter entered theContinue reading “Through Domestics Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 2”

Elliot’s Birth Story

March 25th 2020 I crafted this memorial bead for Kasey to honour her son Elliot. Here is their story… Around the time of my 31st birthday, I was feeling very strongly that I wanted to have a third child. I knew my husband had only planned on two children, but I brought it up anyway. ToContinue reading “Elliot’s Birth Story”

Breastfeeding Straight From The Tap

My journey started in 2010. I was only seventeen when I gave birth to my first baby, a boy. I hadn’t exactly done my research per say, but I am smart enough to know breastfeeding was the best option. I gave it a try and it was going well so I thought. Two weeks inContinue reading “Breastfeeding Straight From The Tap”

Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side

Hello, my name is Deanna. I want to share with you my story. As a mom of 3 beautiful children, my story has many twists and turns, many that I am incredibly proud of, but some that I very much am not. From a traumatic birth, through breastfeeding struggles and triumphs, through domestic abuse andContinue reading “Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side”

Increase Your Milk Supply Naturally

It is not uncommon for moms to experience times of low milk supply and it can usually be resolved by methods such as correcting the latch, nursing more frequently or for longer periods of time, and with additional pumping.  While these and other methods work for many women, some mothers do not see an increase in milkContinue reading “Increase Your Milk Supply Naturally”

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