Reunited Forever

Originally published January 21, 2020

My friendship with Haylee started with a touching facebook message from a grieveing mom looking for a memorial piece. Haylee and I embarked on a journey that helped us both heal from loss and celebrate our rainbows. Haylee is an beautiful and strong women who I am proud to call my friend. Here’s her journey in her own words.

Only once have we ever had our whole family together in one place. For a short time on a sunny afternoon in September we were all together. All 5 of us. And then never again…

Pregnancy after loss is a tumultuous journey. As excited as we were, we were also crippled with the reminder of Martin’s pregnancy, birth and death so we struggled to get emotionally attached, to get hopeful and sometimes to have even faith that we would be able to bring another baby home. I thought that once I got past the gestation of Martin’s birth (19 weeks) that it would get easier. That wasn’t the case. In fact, it often seemed harder. Each morning I would wake up and tell myself it was one day, one week or one month longer than Martin lived. Every single day was a reminder of how fast things could change and why this pregnancy was so terrifying. We bought nothing, kept Amélie in the nursery as long as possible so we didn’t have an empty room and held our breath every single day as we waited. Waited to hopefully bring home our rainbow baby, but also waited for something to go wrong. This is just the unfortunate reality that I believe all rainbow parents face. It wasn’t until 35-36 weeks that I think I took my first real breath and began to really get excited for my pregnancy and to let myself finally start preparing to bring home a healthy baby. With fear, excitement and intense guilt for all of my negative feelings we gathered our birth supplies for what we hoped to be a healing home birth.

On June 20th, at 40+ weeks, I went into labour. It was fast, exciting, chaotic yet so calming. In just a few hours from start to finish I gave birth to our beautiful rainbow baby, Théodore. He was perfect. My birth was perfect. We’ve never been so relieved and happy in our lives. We beamed with pride and we cried hard as our hearts healed just a little bit more that day. We did it. We fought hard for him. And we won. 

It took a couple of months, but on that sunny day in September our family finally join together for the first and only time. You see, shortly after Théodore was born we decided to move to Quebec. So before we left Edmonton we brought Amélie and Théodore to see Martin and there we were all together. We brought flowers to his grave site, told him stories, introduced him to his brother and spent time telling him how much we miss him, how fiercely we love him and how much he has shaped our family, both with his life and his death. We moved a few weeks later and though we will visit Edmonton again, we don’t know when and the guilt of leaving him alone there makes me sick some days.

This week, my three beautiful babies were reunited once again. This time forever. Forever with me, close to my heart. My pearl pendant made from Théodore’s breast milk arrived in the mail. Together, strung on a necklace are all of my babies – milk from Amélie, Martin’s umbilical cord, and now Théodore’s milk. Nestled side by side and perfectly unique. Words can’t fully explain all of the emotions of pregnancy or infant loss, or of a rainbow pregnancy and just the same they cannot express the joy of having this necklace.

Thank you Monique for not only creating such meaningful and priceless pieces for me, but for standing by me, letting me cry and feel all of my feelings and allowing me to continue to tell Martin’s’ story through your craft. I am grateful for you and your art. 

All together

I have promised to go and visit Martin once the snow melts. I will bring him flowers from his family.

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Otichi Village, How Can You Help

Originally posted January 24, 2020

Unquenchable Ministries was established in 2007 and since this time our mandate has been to provide support and empower communities living in poverty around the world.
We have done a number of different projects in Uganda such as build two playgrounds. This was to provide a safe and free place for families to gather together and create memories together. We discovered that there were very few safe places for children

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to Play and families together.
We also have provided wells and clean drinking water in remote villages who had no access to clean water. Many children were becoming sick and even dying from water born illnesses.
Right now we are currently partnering with Otichi Village which is located in the northern Part of Uganda in the rural part of Gulu. We have built a school and a clinic in this village. Our goal is to help them become self sustainable. We currently are educating 127 students free of charge!

Our latest project and my new passion projects is making washable and reusable menstrual pads. We discovered their was a huge lack of feminine hygiene products available in these communities. We found girls using items such as moss, grass, leaves, corn husks, bunched up rags and paper. For many girls their monthly cycle created embracing moments, social isolation, dropping out of school or having to put them selves in compromising situations to get money to buy pads. We handed out 250 pads last May but realized we are just scratching the surface with this need. Our goal is to bring over 1000 pads with us to Uganda in March. We want this to be a on going project and will continue to make them and give them away to any village in need!

Working as a team to make as many as possible!

Kira is accepting donations of fabric and thread. Also cash donaations to buy the needed materials. They are now over 300 pads made for this upcoming trip.

I would love to answer any questions you may have regarding this project or any of the projects we do. Together we can truly make a difference and an impact in the lives of these young girls!

In Gods Service

Kira Mulindwa
Unquenchable Ministries

contact Kira  at

The Beginning…..

Originally posted January 21 2020

I have always wanted to be a mom. I started working with kids as soon as I was old enough to do so. I babysat then nannied. I went to school to work in daycare then went back to school to work in group homes and with child welfare. I even trained as a doula and provided support though the birthing process and postnatally.

Finally we felt we were ready to try for a tiny human. We were excited and thought it would be a short journey. We were oh so very wrong.

The next 10 years consisted of continual tests, monitoring and surgical procedures. As I laid there in the hospital after yet another procedure, to try and clean up the mess of scar tissue and cysts in my abdomen, the nurse came in. She asked how I was feeling, where it hurt, and checked my blood pressure and oxygen level. ” The Dr will be in shortly to speak to you about your surgery” and she walked out.

It was not till over an hour later that Dr. Brown was able to come in and talk to me. When he did make it in he explained to me that what started as a surgery with 4 small incisions ended as a full c-section style incision and the inability to remove enough scar tissue to help my secondary infertility diagnosis.

“Monique there is so much scarring we can not even see your fallopian tube to try and clear it, I am so sorry. I think it best we refer you for IVF.”

These two amazing people changed our lives. Thank you!

My heart hit the floor along with my stomach. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to control my emotions. I swallowed them and became numb and determined. Four years, 3 abdominal egg retrievals, 7 rounds of IVF, an egg donor and a surrogate and we finally had our little miracle. Our little man is amazing. He is smart and sensitive like his daddy. Emotional and kind like his mama. He is 5 years old now and the the driving force in our lives. They say it takes a village to raise a child? It took a village to create ours and it was so worth all the joy he has brought us.

While working as a doula I had many parents looking for something more than just a memory or photo of a birth, a loss, a surrogacy or breastfeeding journey. I felt it also plausible for a first hair cut, a parent or pet who has passed on…this is how in 2012 A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes was born (In the beginning it was Blessed Grove Keepsakes though). 

Owning and operating my own business gives me the heartwarming experience of working individually with each customer to create one of a kind unique treasures. Currently I craft each and every one of these pieces in our home surrounded by my family. I love that I can transform a DNA inclusion into a tangible memory. My pieces help bring peace and solidity to personal bonds, experiences and feelings.

I spent years experimenting and figuring out how to create the breastmilk keepsakes. I wanted to ensure that my method would not deteriorate or discolour over time. What’s so thrilling is that every drop of breastmilk is singularly unique in it’s color. It can vary from a creamy yellow to pearly white, from opaque to translucent.Creating breastmilk and life element jewelry is a passion of mine and I am so excited to share it with you! What I do is create a lasting tangible memory of this unique journey.

So that’s how it all started!

Happy Birthday Madison

Originally posted January 20, 2020

I am not sure if you remeber last year I crafted this cremation keepsake ring. It was made to celebrate the much to short life of Madison. Madison’s grandma asked me create this as a gift for her daugter who was grieving and struggling after the tragic loss of her beautiful daughter. Here is the story in their words…..

The due date was January 25th, 2019. Mom and dad were beyond elated to not only be having a daughter but to be giving their son a sibling. Just like every expecting couple the minute we found out our hopes, dreams and aspirations ran wild. A beautiful baby girl with flowing locks and sparkling eyes that could outshine the brightest star in the galaxy. What would she be? A doctor? A lawyer? An activist? Would she become president or maybe even cure cancer. It’s the many things a parent thinks of the moment the find out they’re expecting that make the journey of pregnancy so exciting.

For 39 weeks we went through doctors appointments and setting up a nursery and planning our futures. One day at a time we not so patiently waited for the moment we could meet our baby girl and love her, show her a world beyond her wildest imagination. On January 17th at 2:36 pm that moment arrived. A stunning brown haired little girl with the eyes of a princess and the touch that could break the toughest of people arrived. We could not wait to bring her home and begin our lives as a family of four. That day finally came on January 19th and it was magical. Seeing Madison and her big brother Mason meet and enjoy having each other, knowing it’s a bond that could never ever be broken was a joy beyond words. We set up our first pediatrician appointment for that Friday and we’re patiently waiting.

On the morning of Friday January 25th 2019.. her original due date, our hearts and lives were changed forever. Our little angel was found unresponsive in her pack and play and rushed to the nearest hospital. Although many people prayed and the medical staff did everything they could they were unable to bring our little girl home to us. God called our angel home at 5:45am that morning. We were given less then 20 minutes to spend with her before that precious daughter we waited so long for had to be wheeled to the morgue.

Madison passed away only 8 days after her birth. Her family did not even know she was sick. Thet had called the Dr on Wendnesday the 23rd to advise she was sounding a little congested. The Dr was not concerned advising she could have some amniotic fluid on her lungs as she was only a few days old and that he would see them on Friday at the booked appointment time. Sadly little Madison never made it to her appointment.

It is still unknown where she came in contact with and caught the upper respiratory infection but it is known that the sepsis it created caused Madisons little heart to give out.

I want to thank Jennifer, Madisons grandma, for allowing me to be part of their healing journey,

Rest In Peace Baby Madison.

Crazy Road Called Life

“OUCH My nipple”

“This will be my very last period:(“

“I do!”

“What do you mean his belly button falls off!”

“Rest in peace my friend”

I think we have all said one of these or something similar. Lifes path is full of emotional times be the happy or sad they make up the journey that makes us who we are. 

Together lets celebrate these moments, answer those questions and love who each of us becomes as we travel down this crazy road called life.
So let me introduce myself. My name is Monique. I am a wife, a mom, a bus driver, an artist, a business owner and a survivor. 

I create custom DNA keepsakes to celebrate the many moments we all hold dear. Here I will share the stories both joyus and tragic behind some of these special pieces. I will endevor to provide mama related information on health, wellness and just good old fun. 

I want to make you laugh, cry, think and ask questions. I look forward to our travels!

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