I Am A Mother, A Bereaved Mother.

These are not my words. I came across them on a facebook group for loss moms. It says so much and I felt it impotent to share. “I am a mother. I am a bereaved mother. My child died, and this is my reluctant path. It is not a path of my choice, but itContinue reading “I Am A Mother, A Bereaved Mother.”

Elliot’s Birth Story

March 25th 2020 I crafted this memorial bead for Kasey to honour her son Elliot. Here is their story… Around the time of my 31st birthday, I was feeling very strongly that I wanted to have a third child. I knew my husband had only planned on two children, but I brought it up anyway. ToContinue reading “Elliot’s Birth Story”

A Journey Through Loss

Story and photos be removed. Originally shared January 31, 2020

Reunited Forever

Originally published January 21, 2020 My friendship with Haylee started with a touching facebook message from a grieveing mom looking for a memorial piece. Haylee and I embarked on a journey that helped us both heal from loss and celebrate our rainbows. Haylee is an beautiful and strong women who I am proud to call myContinue reading “Reunited Forever”

Happy Birthday Madison

Originally posted January 20, 2020 I am not sure if you remeber last year I crafted this cremation keepsake ring. It was made to celebrate the much to short life of Madison. Madison’s grandma asked me create this as a gift for her daugter who was grieving and struggling after the tragic loss of herContinue reading “Happy Birthday Madison”

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