Through Domestics Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 2

Hey all, it’s me again, to continue the telling of my story;  Through domestics abuse and out the other side.Part 2 Hey all, it’s me again, to continue the telling of my story;  To pick up where we left off: I have taken you through my traumatic birth story as my oldest daughter entered theContinue reading “Through Domestics Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 2”

I am a Provivor!

Original share date February 25, 2020 Meet Amy.  She is 37 years old.  She is married. She is a mom to three beautiful children.  She is a daughter, a friend and a sister. She is also a provivor. What is a provivor you may ask…. Well many use the term previvor. However Amy asked me while we wereContinue reading “I am a Provivor!”

Mama Shares…

Original post date February 19, 2020 Some times just hearing other moms experiences with PPD helps to ease the feeling of being all alone. Here are a few short stories to boost your resolve…. Danica: We had a rocky journey that resulted in a lot of self sacrifice (but worth it!) my son was extremelyContinue reading “Mama Shares…”

In a world that Worships breasts..

Original post date February 13, 2020 Hello my lovelies. I would like to introduce you to Erin. Here she is in a recent photo with her beautiful brood. She looks so happy in this picture I love it. But she has not always worn that smile….here’s why. Ever since I started to develop, I hated myContinue reading “In a world that Worships breasts..”

Feed All The Babies!!

Originally posted February 4, 2020 When Brittany started her journey into motherhood the breast vs formula debate never played a significant role in any decision she made. I love it when I hear moms who do not feel guilty for feeding their babies formula! Wether that be out of medical necessity or by personal choice.Continue reading “Feed All The Babies!!”

Beating The Odds! Meet Annie and Charlie

Originaly published January 30, 2020 “It’s commonly known that babies with down syndrome can’t breastfeed.” Annie told me. “Really? I never knew that.” “At least, that’s what a lot of people in the medical field well tell you.” she continued ” Looks like you proved them wrong! Tell me your journey.” Annie settled in and walked meContinue reading “Beating The Odds! Meet Annie and Charlie”

The Beginning…..

Originally posted January 21 2020 I have always wanted to be a mom. I started working with kids as soon as I was old enough to do so. I babysat then nannied. I went to school to work in daycare then went back to school to work in group homes and with child welfare. IContinue reading “The Beginning…..”

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