Mama Shares…

Original post date February 19, 2020 Some times just hearing other moms experiences with PPD helps to ease the feeling of being all alone. Here are a few short stories to boost your resolve…. Danica: We had a rocky journey that resulted in a lot of self sacrifice (but worth it!) my son was extremelyContinue reading “Mama Shares…”

Beating The Odds! Meet Annie and Charlie

Originaly published January 30, 2020 “It’s commonly known that babies with down syndrome can’t breastfeed.” Annie told me. “Really? I never knew that.” “At least, that’s what a lot of people in the medical field well tell you.” she continued ” Looks like you proved them wrong! Tell me your journey.” Annie settled in and walked meContinue reading “Beating The Odds! Meet Annie and Charlie”

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