I wasn’t making plans for us in case “something” happened…

Original post date February 11, 2020 He is so perfect! My friends and family told me all the time that I had a great baby, a perfect baby in fact. He didn’t cry, he didn’t fuss and he didn’t need to be on me all the time. On the outside I was a happy new mom baskingContinue reading “I wasn’t making plans for us in case “something” happened…”

Beating The Odds! Meet Annie and Charlie

Originaly published January 30, 2020 “It’s commonly known that babies with down syndrome can’t breastfeed.” Annie told me. “Really? I never knew that.” “At least, that’s what a lot of people in the medical field well tell you.” she continued ” Looks like you proved them wrong! Tell me your journey.” Annie settled in and walked meContinue reading “Beating The Odds! Meet Annie and Charlie”

Crazy Road Called Life

“OUCH My nipple” “This will be my very last period:(“ “I do!” “What do you mean his belly button falls off!” “Rest in peace my friend” I think we have all said one of these or something similar. Lifes path is full of emotional times be the happy or sad they make up the journeyContinue reading “Crazy Road Called Life”

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