Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side: Final Chapter

Once she left things quickly started getting hairy again. It was little things. He went back to playing video games all – the – damn – time. Working stupid long hours, and he started going to the gym too. Or at least, he got a membership… but the “gym” ultimately ends up being someone else’sContinue reading “Through Domestic Abuse & Out The Other Side: Final Chapter”

Through Domestics Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 2

Hey all, it’s me again, to continue the telling of my story;  Through domestics abuse and out the other side.Part 2 Hey all, it’s me again, to continue the telling of my story;  To pick up where we left off: I have taken you through my traumatic birth story as my oldest daughter entered theContinue reading “Through Domestics Abuse & Out The Other Side Part 2”

Increase Your Milk Supply Naturally

It is not uncommon for moms to experience times of low milk supply and it can usually be resolved by methods such as correcting the latch, nursing more frequently or for longer periods of time, and with additional pumping.  While these and other methods work for many women, some mothers do not see an increase in milkContinue reading “Increase Your Milk Supply Naturally”

At Home In My Two Spirit Body

I was scrolling through Facebook late last night and came upon this article. As I read through it I felt it needed to be shared. There are to many youth and adults out there who feel that they do not fit in. That they do not belong. Too much judgment, harassment and bullying. I attendedContinue reading “At Home In My Two Spirit Body”

Mama Shares…

Original post date February 19, 2020 Some times just hearing other moms experiences with PPD helps to ease the feeling of being all alone. Here are a few short stories to boost your resolve…. Danica: We had a rocky journey that resulted in a lot of self sacrifice (but worth it!) my son was extremelyContinue reading “Mama Shares…”

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