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Feed All The Babies!!

Originally posted February 4, 2020

When Brittany started her journey into motherhood the breast vs formula debate never played a significant role in any decision she made.

I love it when I hear moms who do not feel guilty for feeding their babies formula! Wether that be out of medical necessity or by personal choice.

She knew that breast milk was the best for her child but also knew that formula was there in case, if like her mother she was unable breast feed. she was 24 years old when she got pregnant with her Christmas miracle, she had been told at 13 she would not be able to conceive her own biological child. Brittany’s oldest Amazing, Clever, and just like Momma, Daughter Mia was Born on her Great Grandmothers birthday December 19th, 5 days before her due date.


Brittany had suffered from the flu up until her fever along with her water broke on the night of December 18th. the waters were green, Mia had had a bowel movement in utero. As soon as Brittany reached the hospital she was induced, they were excted that they were going to meet their baby!  She came naturally although fast. The doctor did not even have her gloves on, nor was she able to catch her before she made her grand debut, healthy and crying at 6:32 am and 6 lb 3 oz. Mia immediately started breastfeeding. Within 24 hours this new mama had cracked, bleeding nipples. She was in misery, crying in pain. She saw the lactation consultant and was told Mia was latching perfectly. Brittany endured the pain and bleeding and a miraculous thing happened, she developed the most amazing bond with her daughter even through the initial 2 weeks of agony. She advisedshe was in a blissful state. Her baby was thriving and growing. She mostly slept for the first week but then she “woke up”.

Mia screamed and she puked. For 5 weeks this beautiful amazing baby cried and puked. She was 6 weeks old when Mommy broke down and called her big sister crying because she hadn’t slept in a week. She insisted that Brittany take the little girl to the Stollery Children’s Hospital. At the appointment Brttany was informed that her little girl not only had GERD, but also a cows milk protein intolerance. She was prescribed an anti acid to help with the GERD and a special hypoallergenic formula to hopefully help her not throw up as much, even though she was growing at an amazing rate.

Mama was devastated. she had such an amazing breastfeeding bond with her little one that even though it was medically necessary, she was sad to end the journey. It had only been a 6 short weeks.


They started trying for their next child when Mia was 6 months old. A fast 2 months later Brittany became pregnant with her second Daughter Kierra. She was born exactly 17 months to the day after her sister on May 19th at 3:23 pm and 5 lb 7 oz. The only one available to deliver Kierra was a student doctor she came so fast? She latched on perfectly right from the start. Bruttany said that she had been expecting the same sore nipples and bleeding as she had experienced with Mia but that didn’t happen. Everything was perfect. Except that she was now running after a 17 month old that didn’t understand and her wanted mommy’s attention. Even though everything was great physically with breastfeeding Kierra, they never developed the same strong bond to breastfeeding. When Brittany needed to be put on medication that was not breastfeeding compatible it was an easy decision for her to end this seasons btreatfeeding journey. After 2 months this breastfeeding journey was over.

After Kierra was born they did not think much about having another child. brittany had an IUD implanted and life carried on. When Kierra was about a year old they decided that they would try for a boy in the fall. After having some minor issues with her IUD it was removed in November of 2017, at which time the fun started trying for a boy. She wanted a boy so much. Her husband agreed to try for baby number 3, but he was hoping for another girl.


In October of 2018 after a grueling pregnancy and traumatic birth a third daughter Savannah came into this world in such a rush that it was miracle a doctor was even in the room. She arrived at 6:28 pm and weighed in at 5 lb 14 oz.  Brittany was determined to breastfeed, and she did.

Days then weeks went by and it was noticed that baby Savannah wasn’t growing like her sisters had. She was tiny and stayed tiny. At her 2 month check up the nurse was a bit worried about her lack of grown. She advised Savannah was at 0.9% for height, 11% for weight and 50% for head circumference. Nothing super alarming but she wasn’t growing very much. Supplementing was brought up and although not opposed to formula. Brittany chose to continue breastfeeding. The had built a great breastfeeding routine, she was eating regularly, was a happy and content baby. Always smiling and rarely cried.

At her 4 month check up she had lost weight and gained no height. The nurse was a concerned and suggested supplementing with formula and coming in for an extra check up at 5 months. At this point we chose to switch to formula not only for her health and growth but because mentally. Mommy was completely wiped from dealing with not only her not growing but also battling post partum depression because of her traumatic birth. Within days they could see that Savannah was finally growing! At her 5 month check up she had gained a whopping 4 lbs and 0.5 of an inch! It was an amazing transformation to see. Baby girl, who you wouldn’t believe was slowing starving, was growing! She is now 10 months old, thriving and growing like a weed. Happy and healthy as always. She is now in the 80th percentile for her weight. She’s still on the shorter side but that’s just the genetic make up she was given.

“I sit her today with a 4.5 year old, a 3 year old and a 10 month old and am incredibly thankful for even the short amount of time I was able to breastfeed my children, and the ability to continue feeding them with formula to help then grow, thrive and survive. My daughters are here happy healthy and surviving thanks to a combination of Breastfeeding and Formula. Without my children would not be here.”

Our Family

When we were expecting and researching our feeding options (my son was born via surrogate) I found The Military Wife and Mom blog. This post helped me. Go take a look its a great read!  Subscribe to New Posts

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